Flight tickets to Portugal (OPO)

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto

Located 11 km (6 miles) northwest of the city, it is the second largest in the country and operates with domestic and international flights to destinations in Europe, Africa, North America and South America. It has ATMs, currency exchange offices, mobile phone service and a post office. Inside the terminal there are numerous restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, bars and ice cream parlors, as well as children’s entertainment areas, baby hygiene facilities, first aid clinic, pharmacy and travel agencies. It has duty-free stores after the security check, gifts, accessories, sweets, books, newspapers and magazines, tobacco, clothing, sports, footwear, cosmetics, jewelry, crafts and electronics. The airport is connected to the urban area by line buses and shuttles (executives), Metro, and private transportation and applications such as Uber. The average cost of the taxi service is around 25 euros and the journey to the center of Porto takes 20-30 minutes.