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Toronto City Airport, Billy Bishop The access is a toll-free pedestrian bridge located at the foot of Eireann Quay. It has a bus line available and a parking lot adjacent to the facilities. There is a terminal and several hangars to move personnel from commercial, national and international flights. It also has a service of … Continue reading Buy Flight YTZ


Flights to SFO

San Francisco International Airport The airport has flights to the main destinations in North America and is an important port of entry from Europe and Asia. Moreover, it is in itself a tourist attraction because it possesses the museum and library of Aviation Louis A. Turpen. It consists of four terminals and seven rooms distributed … Continue reading Flights to SFO


Flights Tickets JFK

John F. Kennedy International Airport JFK is the airport with the largest number of international passenger tickets in the United States, but it also runs domestic flights, mostly to the West coast. It is estimated to generate more than 30.1 billion dollars of economic activity and gives more than 207,000 jobs in the new York … Continue reading Flights Tickets JFK


Flights to DFW

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport The airport was named the best freight airport in the world and is operated in many respects as a small town. It has its own post office, zip code and public services. It also has five terminals that are designed to minimize the distance between the car of the passengers and … Continue reading Flights to DFW


Flights Tickets YYJ

Victoria International Airport This is the 10th busiest airport in Canada, with an average of 1 million passengers in 100,000 air operations. It has a terminal with 9 doors and 3 baggage carousels. Throughout the terminal there is free Wi-Fi service and there is a training area with flight simulators. It is a short distance … Continue reading Flights Tickets YYJ


Flights to YWJ

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport The airport moves a high number of passengers annually, which puts it in the seventh place, but in terms of air movements is in the eleventh position. Non-stop flights are made daily to the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. Summer flights are also made to the United Kingdom, … Continue reading Flights to YWJ