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Václav Havel Airport Prague

The airport is located 10 km (7 miles) west of Prague, it is the busiest in the Czech Republic and the busiest in Central Europe. It operates with domestic and international flights that include points throughout Europe, as well as cities in Asia, the Middle East and North America. It has two runways and four heliports, as well as two commercial passenger terminals. It has vip and business areas, financial facilities, post office, plugs for electrical devices, mobile phone service and free Wi-Fi access. Throughout the enclosure we find restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, bakeries and bars. There is a wide offer with duty free shops, toys, gifts, souvenirs, crafts, jewelery, fashion and accessories, books, newspapers, confectionery, perfumes, cosmetics or electronics. The connection between the airport and the urban area can be made through public transport services, authorized taxis, buses and shuttles, private transfer companies and car rentals offered at the airport.




Dirección: AviatickáPraga, República